Professor Wick’s Incredible Magic Factory

In this 45 – 60 minute magical production, our main character, Professor Wick invites the audience on a tour of his Incredible Magic Factory where he designs and constructs magical props. He reveals the fact that some of his best ideas come from the pages of childrens’s literature such as Alice In Wonderland, Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan.  The professor pulls some of these books off the shelf and demonstrates the magic inspired by these timeless classics. Floating on a magic carpet, stepping through a mirror and even turning a puppet into a real person.  These are just some of the magical adventures that the audience will experience when they witness the wonders of Professor Wick.

This show is available in several different formats depending on the size and technical limitations of the venue.  Whether it is a school auditorium or a soft-seat theatre, Professor Wick’s Incredible Magic Factory’s has the ability to adapt to any theatrical situation.

This production can be combined with one of our workshops which teaches children about the history of magic and illusion as well as how to build and present their own magic ticks.


Above is a montage of magical sequences from Professor Wick's Incredible Magic factory taken by various audience members who have been kind enough to share their videos with MAJINX.