The Remarkable Life and Magic of HOUDINI

From Houdini’s death defying escapes to his spectacular illusions, magicians Lawrence Larouche and Cynthia Martin take the audience on a magical journey through realms of whimsy and the supernatural.  Prepare to be amazed by this riveting tale of an extraordinary man who’s daring escapades separated him from every other entertainer of his time and transformed him into a global superstar.   

This 90 minute production is specifically designed for theatres seating 150 to 500 people.  It is meant to be an intimate theatrical experience where members of the audience are never far away from the amazing events taking place in front of them.

The Remarkable Life & Magic of HOUDINI is storytelling for adults punctuated with live escapes and magical illusions.  From Houdini’s first encounter with a straightjacket in Saint John, New Brunswick to the unveiling of his infamous Underwater Torture Cell, audiences will be spellbound by the extraordinary adventure of America’s first real-life super hero.

Keeping in mind the evolution of the contemporary audience, Lawrence has designed updated versions of all the illusions included in Houdini’s story.  After all, what worked in the early 1900’s would not necessarily work for audience of the 21st century. The result is a collection of some of the most beautiful and jaw dropping illusions ever assembled; a cascade of magical wonders sprinkled throughout an exhilarating evening of story telling.

The Remarkable Life & Magic Of HOUDINI delivers what audiences would expect from Houdini himself: a thrilling escape!

The Life and Magic of Houdini trailer